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These are some of the films that still exist from the early days of film-making in Brighton.
They are mostly the work of George Albert Smith and James Williamson.
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• On Brighton Beach (R W Paul, 1896)
• Old Man Drinking a Glass of Beer (G A Smith, 1897)
• The X Rays (G A Smith, 1897)
• A Practical Joke (remake of Lumiθres' Arroseur arrosι, G A Smith, 1898)
• The Miller and the Sweep (G A Smith, 1898)
• Santa Claus (G A Smith, 1898)
• A Kiss in the Tunnel (G A Smith, 1899)
• The Old Maid's Valentine (G A Smith, 1900
• A Quick Shave and Brush Up (G A Smith, 1900
• As Seen Through a Telescope (G A Smith, 1900
• Grandma's Reading Glass (G A Smith, 1900)
• Let Me Dream Again (G A Smith, 1900)
• Attack on a Chinese Mission—Blue Jackets to the Rescue (James Williamson, 1900)
• The Death of Poor Joe (first ever Dickens film, G A Smith, 1901)
• Fire! (James Williamson, 1901)
• Stop Thief! (James Williamson, 1901)
• The Big Swallow (James Williamson, 1901)
• The Little Match Seller (James Williamson, 1902)
• Mary Jane's Mishap (G A Smith, 1903)
• The Sick Kitten (G A Smith, 1903
• An Interesting Story (James Williamson, 1904)
• Our New Errand Boy (James Williamson, 1905)
• Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving (James Williamson, 1906)
• Tartans of the Scottish Clans (Kinemacolor test film, G A Smith, 1906)
• Kinemacolor test films (G A Smith, 1906-08)

• The Adventures of Jane (Edward Whiting, 1949)
• The Dark Man [clips: 1, 2, 3, 4]
• Genevieve [clip] (Henry Cornelius, 1953)
• Adventure in the Hopfields [clips: 1, 2] (1954)

• The Brighton Strangler (Max Nosseck, 1945)
• Good Time Girl (David MacDonald, 1948)

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