The maps of Brighton


Maps of the city
      Cobby 1799
      Marchant 1815
      Baxter 1822
      Wetton & Jarvis 1822
      London Printing & Publishing Company 1850
      Brighton East 1850

Manors and estates
      Aldrington Estate 1884
      Hollingbury Copse 1925
      Withdean Estate c1890

Street plans
including detailed historical maps
      Circus Street: the area between Carlton Hill and Sussex Street
      Marchant 1815
      Wetton & Jarvis 1822
      Old Town c1824

•  A large-scale Ordnance Survey map of the city is available on the Brighton and Hove City Council website (identified as a cycle facilities map)

The wider area
      Cary 1819: roads in Sussex, including Environs of Brighton

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Page updated 7 November 2014