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The concrete and blank wall of a modern cinema.

MGM Cinemas 1991-1995
Virgin Cinemas 1995-1999
UGC Cinemas 1999-2005
Cineworld 2005-date

Park Square, Brighton Marina Village
operated 1991-date

• When developers Brent Walker took over the marina development in 1985, plans to add shopping and leisure facilities to the harbour included a 10-screen multiplex to be run by American Multi-Cinema (AMC), which had recently opened the UK's first multiplex, The Point, at Milton Keynes. AMC expected to open in time for Christmas 1989 but the scheme was taken over by the Canadian company Cineplex Odeon in March 1988, which in turn is absorbed into fast-growing Cannon Cinemas in April 1990. Through its acquisition of the ABC cinema in the UK, Cannon owns the former Savoy in East Street, Brighton. However, Cannon over-extends itself and is soon acquired by MGM Cinemas/Pathé Communications (owned by state-owned French bank Crédit Lyonnaise). The Brighton multiplex is to be part of MGM's Gallery circuit.

1991 May 3 Eight-screen multiplex opens as an MGM Cinemas, part of (by 1993) the largest UK cinema chain with 426 screens. Number of seats per auditorium: 1and 2: 357, 3 and 4: 257, 5 and 6: 229, 7: 208, 8: 209.
1995 June 28 Virgin Cinemas, which has just acquired Pathé Communications, applies its own brand.
1999 October The Virgin Cinemas chain is acquired by French exhibitor UGC (Union Générale Cinématographique) and renamed UGC Cinemas.
2004 November Cineworld, owned by the American private equity firm The Blackstone Group, buys the 408-screen UGC chain for around £200m.
2005 Rebranded Cineworld.
2005 May 26 One screen is included in the UK Film Council's Digital Screen Network project.
2008 One screen is equipped for 3D digital presentations. Others follow.
2010 November Blackstone sells the last of its shares in Cineworld. The chain of 2,217 screens at 232 sites in nine countries is now owned by Cineworld Group plc, the second largest cinema operator in Europe.

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