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,O'CONNOR, T P (Thomas Power) (1848-1929)
T P O'ConnorJournalist and politician, a leading Irish nationalist (the only one elected to parliament for a seat outside Ireland), Father of the House of Commons (serving without break for just short of 50 years) and the first president of the British Board of Film Censors. He later lived in Rottingdean. 64 Lansdowne Place [residence c1900]
6 Marine Drive, Rottingdean [residence]
ONSLOW, Sir Richard (1601-1664)
Sir Robert OnslowThe grandson of one Speaker of the House of Commons and grandfather of another, he was an MP at various times between 1628 and 1664 and fought on the Parliamentary side in the Civil War. He was known as 'The Red Fox of Surrey'. His death at Arundel House in London was variously attributed to a case of gangrene and being struck by lightning for his role as a regicide. His mother was Isabel Shirley, daughter of Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston, Sussex. His second daughter, Anne, married Sir Anthony Shirley.
Portrait in the style of Robert Walker is in the National Trust collection at Clandon Park
Onslow Road
O'SHEA, Mrs Katharine (Katie, Kitty) (née Wood)
Kitty O'SheaCame from a well-connected family: a former Lord Mayor of London was her grandfather, her brother was a field marshall. Already separated from her Irish Catholic MP husband, she had a long-standing relationship with Charles Stewart Parnell throughout the 1880s, which eventually led to a scandalous divorce case in 1889. She married Parnell at Steyning in the year of his death. She is buried at Littlehampton. 8 Medina Terrace
10 Walsingham Terrace
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