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RAMSEY, Margaret Francesca (Peggy) (1908-1991)
Theatrical agent, who represented (among others) Alan Ayckbourn, Robert Bolt, David Hare, Eugène Ionesco, Stephen Poliakoff, J B Priestley and, perhaps most famously, Joe Orton.
  34 Upper Gardner Street* [residence]
RANDOLPH, Admiral Sir George Granville KCB (1818-1917)
Lived in Hove from before 1891 until his death1.
  32 Upper Brunswick Place [residence]
70 Brunswick Place [residence]
ROBERTSON, Frederick W
  Holy Trinity Chapel, Ship Street9 Montpelier Terrace [residence]
ROBERTSON, Sir William Tindall (1825-1889)
Returned unopposed as one of the two MPs for Brighton in 1886, he was Brighton's second blind MP and was knighted for public services in January 1888. He committed suicide on 6 October 1889 at his residence by cutting his throat when severely depressed.1
1Glasgow Herald, 7 October 1889
  9 Belgrave Terrace
ROBEY, George (1869-1954)
Actor and music hall artist.
  Arundel Drive East
ROBINSON, General Sir Frederick Philipse GCB (1763-1852)
Commander-in-chief of forces in the Canada station, briefly acting Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada and Ontario, and then Governor and Commander-in-chief of Tobago from 1816 to 1828. From 1844 until his death he lived in Bedford Square. He is buried at Hove parish church.
  39 Bedford Square
ROSE, William (Arthur) {1918-1987)
American born screenwriter, who stayed on in England after military service during World War II. Credits include Genevieve (1953), The Ladykillers (1955, BAFTA), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967, Academy Award). He left the UK in 1960.
  23 Lewes Crescent [residence ?-c1960]
RODDICK, Anita (1942-2007)
Founder of the Body Shop chain, the first of which was in Kensington Gardens.
  22 Kensington Gardens*
ROSSE, Laurence, 2nd Earl of (1758-1841) and Alice, (later Dowager) Countess of Rosse
Lived in Brunswick Terrace from 1836 until she died there in May 1867.
  33 Brunswick Terrace
ROUND, J H (1854-1928)
Mediaeval historian, was born and died in Brunswick Terrace. His maternal grandfather was Horace Smith.
  5 Brunswick Terrace*
ROWELL, Harriet Elizabeth
See Elphinstone-Dick, Harriet
RUSSELL, Lord John (1792-1876)
English politician; prime minister 1846-1852 and 1865-1866. His wife, Adelaide, Lady Ribblesdale, died in childbirth at their home in Sussex Square only two months after their arrival. His grandson was Bertrand Russell.
  14 Sussex Square* [residence September-November 1838]
RUSSELL, Dr Richard (1687-1759)
Physician from Lewes who recommended sea bathing and drinking sea water as a cure. He moved his practice to Brighton in 1753 and built a house, the largest in the town to that date, on land adjacent to the beach at the south side of the Steyne that he acquired for £40. The site is now occupied by the Royal Albion Hotel.
  Russell House, The Steyne
Russell Square
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