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N   local work
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NASH, John
Architect. Royal Pavilion, Old Steine
NASH, William Henry
Architect. Born in Uxbridge, in practice at 33 New Road (1882-85), 42 Ship Street (1889-1912), 17 North Street (1899-1903). Lived at 21 Chatham Place (1881-1891), 163 Ditchling Rise (1901), 14 Caburn Road (1911-12). Rutland Gospel Hall, Rutland Road (1900)
NEWMAN, George William
Assistant architect and surveyor (1901-1911). Born in Brighton, son of an undertaker and monumental mason at 105 Trafalgar Street (1891-1901). Lived and worked in Tottenham, London from early-mid 1900s. Missenden Lodge, Withdean Avenue (1908)
9 Eldred Avenue (1923)
Architect, pupil of Benjamin Ferrey. The first half of his career was spent working mostly in the West Country before estabishing an office in London. St Matthew's Church, Sutherland Road (completion, 1883; demolished 1967)
NUNN, Bastick William
Brighton-born architect, grew up at 60 Western Road. Articled to Samuel Denman for three years from April 1881, became Denman's managing assistant. ARIBA 1890 (proposed by Thomas Lainson et al), resigned 1927. Left Brighton in the 1890s for Devonport to work for the Admiralty as an architectural draughtsman. Died in Winchester. No work identified so far
NUNN, Benjamin Hitchcock
Builder's clerk at 80 Upper North Street (1851-57). Architect and surveyor at 129 Queen's Road (1878-1890), living at 27 Chatham Place (1871-99). Born in Hackney, London into a baptist family. Left nearly £6,700. Galeed Strict Baptist Chapel, Gloucester Road (1868)
Nunn & Hunt
Architectural partnership of B H Nunn and Hunt. Parochial Offices of the Board of Guardians and Registrar, Prince's Street (1894)
Architect at 34 Duke Street (1912). No work identified so far
NYE, Charles [Jr]
Architect, surveyor and civil engineer. Born in Brighton, son of a lodging house keeper at 37 Western Street. Surveyor's assistant (1871). In practice at 1 Selbourne Road (!880), 34 Duke Street (1890-99). Lived at 27 Goldstone Valley (1881), 4 Cavendish Place (1891). Emigrated to the US and died in Napa, California. 221, 223, 225 Preston Road (shops, 1976)
90,92,94,96 Preston Road (1876)
62,64,73,75 Beaconsfield Road (1876)
77 Beaconsfield Road (stables, 1876)
55 Hove Park Villas (1892)
79-80 Western Road, Hove (1892)
49,51 Norton Road (1900)
[21-35?] Walsingham Road (8 terraced houses, 1900)
NYE, George Manley
Architect and surveyor, born in Brighton, younger brother of Charles Nye. At 93 Church Road and 1 Western Street (1890), 15 Norton Road (1891), 47 Hova Villas (1897-1899). 83 Montgomery Street (stables at rear and laundry, 1898)
Wilbury Avenue (detached house, 1898)
Wilbury Road (pair of semi-detached houses, 1898)
60 Conway Street (1900)
10 Ellen Place (1900)
Glebe Villas (2 houses with stabling, east side, 1900)
[1,3,5,7?] Worcester Villas (2 pairs of semi-detached villas, east side, 1901)
Clitonville Hotel, Goldstone Villas (alterations, 1901)
Richardson Road (3 houses with stabling by Lion Mews, 1901)
Cambridge Road (3 pairs of semi-detached villas, east side, 1901)
12-20 Shirley Street (warehouse extension (1901)
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